Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Making doll clothes for $3 an outfit!

Ok, I am really NOT a great seamstress, if I can make this anyone can! I was TERRIBLE at taking pics of this project! I bought my daughter this tank for bed (she loves owls) and grabbed and extra in a size 16 (they cost the same, but you get LOTS more fabric) I layed the tank out, and set her doll's tank top, shirt, and pants on top. I traced around them with pen, making sure I traced it a little bigger to allow room for a seam. 
 Here is the tank all done, I just cut off the pink elastic for the straps and trim, no, it's not perfect, but my daughter is thrilled! For the pants, I lined them up with the bottom of the tank so I could the hem as the bottom of my pants (less sewing) I seriously just sewed the sides, and put an elastic in the waist!

Then I made a shirt with one button, didn't want to mess with a button hole on knit fabric (knit is a disaster to sew anyway) so I just make a loop with embroidery floss. and I had a bit of pink elastic left over, so I cut out some pink felt, hot glued the knit owl fabric on top, and then sewed the elastic on each side to make a sleep mask (my daughter also wears one, so I thought she would think it was fun to have one for her doll too!) It's not perfect, but she loves it, and can match her doll, and it only cost me $3, and 30 min! :)

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