Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Flocking your own artificial tree!

Okay, so this year I had a real dilema. NONE of the colors/decor in my main family room/kitchen/dining area matched traditional Christmas colors, and would NOT look good with a forest green tree... Soooo I bought a skinny inexpensive tree that would fit my space, with plans to flock it myself. Instead of heavy flocking spray (which I actually couldn't even find) I found this sno blower spray at Hobby Lobby. It says it is not for heavy flocking, but to "dust" artificial pine in white, I bought 3 cans, and got to work!
I sprayed the bottom level first, then put the middle on, and sprayed it, then the top, and let it dry for an hour before bringing it in. (I am funny about things that smell toxic, or have an odor, and this stuff is non toxic, and really doesn't smell other than a faint smell of soap once it's dry, and only if you stick your nose right on it) :)
 Here it is all decorated to match my decor... (sorry these pics look weird, and blurry, it's better if you click on them, I don't know why blogger does this to some pics)

 If you look at these closeups, you can see that it is dusted white, and not necessarily "flocked", but it changed the color enough to match and not be forest green, so I was happy with it!

 I also dusted some pine picks so they would match!

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  1. I love how you did your arrangement on the wall. Do you have any other photos of you livingroom? Would love to see more of what you have done even if it does not have the Christmas d├ęcor.
    Bev K