Monday, December 3, 2012

Easy Christmas mesh wreaths!

Okay, so you start with a wire hanger, pull it open to form a circle, and bend the hook over on top. Next we added 6 equally spaced pipe cleaners, (it only shows 5 on mine, I hadn't realized it needed 6 yet)
Okay, so now you add the mesh, we used the wider kind, but I'm sure it doesn't matter! Just twist the wire pipe cleaners around equal bubbled sections.

 Here is the point where I started laughing hysterically, and bawling (see below). So yes, It's butt ugly... after you wrap it around a second time it looks much better! (I just used more pipe cleaners and fastened it down where it needed it) Then I also pulled the bubbles together over the pipe cleaners and hot glued each side together. Then I quit bawling and realized it might be turning out after all!
 My sister in Law Lindsay came to craft with Jacey and me, here are our 3 wreaths! Lindsay's, mine, and Jacey's! We used letters from hobby lobby and glittered them, same with the ho ho ho. We shared packages of ornaments and each got whatever picks we wanted in our wreaths! I wove a bit of wired ribbon in mine as well. We tied ribbon at the top to hang our wreaths.
 Here is my wreath on my front door, I like it!!!
 And here is Jacey's on her front door!
So fun!!!! We got all our supplies at hobby lobby. There are so many color combos you could do with this kind of wreath for any holiday, you could even do a more natural wreath with burlap instead of the mesh! Thanks for stopping by! Keep checking back for more holiday projects!


  1. Just found your blog and I love it! Such great ideas on here

  2. Did you hot glue the decorations on? I just made my first mesh wreath and want to decorate it but am trying to figure out the best way to attach them.

  3. how long was the roll of mesh yall used?