Our Story

We are two gals who met about 4+ years ago working at a rehab center.

In no time at all we realized we both had a love for crafting, photography, DIY(ing), food, treats, blogging, shopping, decorating, and MORE! 

We became GREAT friends very quickly! And now are near inseparable!
If we arent together you can bet we are on the phone with eachother!
Our husbands like to joke that we are engaged! LOL!

Even though we are at two totally different places in life, and there may or may not be a bit of an age difference, you would never know! 

We get together weekly to work on a project, whether it be a new food we want to try, sewing, painting, or hitting up all the northern Utah DI'S and antique stores to find our next project!
We, like everyone else, spend way to much time on Pinterest, and love to get inspired by everyone else's projects. We love to see what others have created and put our own personal spin on it!
Thats what we want for all of you! Unleash your creativity! 

Our minds are constantly going with our next big idea!
This blog is a way for us to journal all our projects, recipes, hobbies, and well, LIFE!
We not only decided to start it for our benefit, but with hopes to inspire all of you to get out there and DIY too! 

We wish we could say we always LOVE to do all these projects, but sometimes we wonder what in the H we have gotten ourselves in to! Some sound so great at first, and then you get started and see its going to be much more complicated than anticipated! Luckily we have each other to laugh off all the hardships that CAN come when we try to DIY! We will have trial and errors, its inevitable!

So join in with us for the fun we have!!