Meet Jacey

Hi! I'm Jacey and have been married since February of 2010 to my high school sweetheart! He is an amazing man and is so willing and supportive for all my wild and crazy DIY ideas!

Being college students we are on a very strict budget so anything we can do ourselves we are all for! We bought our first home in 2009, a golden oldie for sure! We have had so much fun fixing it up to our taste, and slowly but surely its coming along!

I am a photographer and really believe it is the best job in the WORLD!!
I have met so many wonderful people through it, and made some lifelong friends!
(Jacey Jordan Photography)

 I have a passion for all things old, vintage, beautiful, and glittery! I tend to be an impulsive buyer and do-er! I get an idea in my head and run with it before i have actually thought it all through! Luckily i have a great husband, and of course Amanda to keep me grounded at times!

I am so excited to start this blog as a journal of all our fun projects, big and small! My goal is to inspire any of you to get out there and DIY and have as much fun as i do doing it!