Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hair clip organizer!

Okay, we have way to many hair clips around here (somehow I find myself wanting more ;)) So I had to come up with a place for all of them! I started with a foam poster board from walmart.
 I covered it in some fabric I had laying around!
 I just hot glued it on the back around the edges!
 I tacked it down with a stapler too, but the hot glue seemed to be holding just fine by itself.
 Then I ran some ribbon vertically, only gluing it down on the very back (don't glue it down on the front, or you won't be able to clip your clip to it! I glued some ribbon horizontally across the top and bottom for looks, and to make it extra secure. I made a loop at the top to hang it from.
 I has a LOT of polka dots! It could have been cuter, but I just used stuff I had laying around, so I didn't have many options!

And here it is with all her clips fastened to it! You can hang it from a hook on the back of your bathroom door or closet! :)

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