Monday, August 6, 2012

Owen's 2nd B-day, Mickey Mouse style!!!

My baby is 2! Sniff... How are all my kids growing up soooo freaking fast!!!??? This baby boy is so in LOVE with "mouse", and although I do NOT think characters are cute, nor do i allow my children to wear anything with a character on it (unless they are camping or sleeping) I decided to give him a party he would be excited about!
Marshmallow fondant cake! The top tier is a large cupcake, and the ears are fondant covered oreos! 

 I dipped oreos in red chocolate (found in the cake/candy isle at craft/party stores) and put 2 candy pearls on for buttons. The ears are the same chocolate as the red, I just didn't melt it!

 I made a quick subway art, bought gumballs, and dipped pretzel sticks in white chocolate and sprinkles!

 I painted a big O (from Joanns) to look like Mickey.
 The cupcakes!!! Soooo easy!

 Pop corn!

 Sign in book to leave a note for the Birthday Boy!
 Food table (still missing chips, watermelon, and canaloupe) :)

 Hot dogs!!!!
 The whole setup!
 I used a wagon to hold the gifts!
 We had striped bags filled with treats/toys for all the cousins as party favors!

 Here's a couple of photos of my darling baby boy!!!


  1. So cute! I love the Oreos idea. Clever. My kids have never been into Mickey. Kinda makes me sad because these are some fun ideas. :)

  2. Amanda, you've got so many gifts and talents! If you're not busy enough you could add party planner to your list. I'm sure people would pay you money to do parties like this for them. I would...that's if I had the money to do it ;)

  3. So I was already planning this party for Briele's 2 year party as she also loves "mouse"!! You gave me some more fun ideas! Would you be willing to share your mickey signs you made??

    1. Hey! Yes, of course I would LOVE to share! I messaged them to you on facebook! ;)

  4. Thank you so much for the cupcake inspiration!! I made these for my bestie for her sons third birthday, but I made my frosting yellow and I dipped all of my cookies in red sugar cookie frosting. They didn't have red melting chocolate and when I tried to add red food coloring to white it made it clump. I really need to use fondant more, my skills are not up to par with yours! That cake is amazing!!