Monday, August 6, 2012

{Jacey's} Earring Organizer!

I have been needing a way to display/organize my earrings for awhile now!
This is what ive been working with....
3 drawers of this! What a complete NIGHTMARE to try and find a match!

I found some on pinterest i liked, but a lot of them i saw didnt have a holder for studs AND dangly earrings. They were either one or the other, So i just put both into one.

I bought an 11x14 open back frame from hobby lobby ($15)
Picked out some fabric, and got some foam.
I already had some chicken wire from past projects, 
and then just found a piece of scrap wood and got out the staple gun!

i measured out the foam and board to the size i wanted. 
layed the foam on top of the board and wrapped the fabric very tightly around both pieces.
(sorry i forgot to photograph this part!)

i then stapled the chicken wire to the back as well.
i also added some hot glue to the back of the chicken wire part just for reinforcement. 

And here she is!!

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