Monday, April 23, 2012

A Weekend of Projects at the Jordan Household!

Well! I kept myself very busy this weekend with a few fun projects!
First a little yard work...

Amazing the difference a little weed pulling can make!
Im so excited for this time of year and getting out in the yard, planting flowers and gardens, OH! i LOVE being outside!

So my next project, in my living room, when we moved in there was this brand new fan in there. So of course being brand new, Michael said we couldnt replace it, even if the color didnt match!
Men... they just dont understand! ;)

So i have of course decided to, HELLO! 
Just spray paint the dang thing!
Most fans will have a color on each side.
Unfortunately, this one was a cherry wood color on the other so i couldnt use it either!

With a few screws out, we were ready to paint!
I just went with black, to match my living room colors.

And there ya go! Simple, EASY fix to a butt ugly fan color! :)


So i have this temple picture for my living room ive been wanting to frame for awhile. My initial plan was to get a pre-made open back frame from hobby lobby for it. 
Unfortunately, everytime i went to get one, they never had the right size. And to custom order a frame for it would of been over $200. SO-- i of course improvised. :)

I decided to make one out of baseboard.
We went to lowes and i picked out a design i liked.

My FIL actually helped me with cutting the angles and attaching them. He is really good with that kind of stuff and we was free that day so it worked out perfect!

We cut our pieces 1/4 inch smaller than the actual size of the print. That way the print would butt up against the frame rather than slide right through.  
We attached the pieces with a few brad nails, staples, and a little bit of wood glue. After it was set, i spray painted it black.

distressed it up a bit...
added a mounting bracket..

And there ya go! 
A beautifully framed temple print AND frame for under $70!!

Amanda and I take/sell these temple prints. 
To view our different temple pictures, visit our photography websites! 

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