Thursday, April 19, 2012

Canvas Art

Have you missed us or WHAT?!?!?
Don't you worry your pretty little hearts,
we have some AWESOME projects coming your way!
So here is one from today! 

We wanted to do some kind of subway art...
and we also wanted to do a canvas project, SO
we combined them!

Amanda decided to do one for her bathroom,
and Jacey one for her bedroom.

We bought our canvas' at Hobby Lobby. ($9)

We painted them with acrylic paint and foam brushes.

We debated and debated on how to do the letters and finally came up with using stencils and scrapbook chipboard letters.

 We all know how to use stencil's so we wont go over that, but as for the Chipboard letters:
We dipped them in our paint color of choice and pressed them on where we wanted.

Easy project that we think turned out quite cute!