Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{Amanda} Piano makeover! No sanding, or priming!!! (this was supposed to be my Thurs. post, but i will be out of town!)

So, does anyone else have an UGLY piano that creates an eyesore in their home?? I DID!!! I LOVED having it, but I hated how hideous it was, so I took matters into my own hands! I have wanted my man to carry it outside for me so I could use my trusty spray paint (He didn't). I did not want to use oil based paint in my home, and make my kids smell harmful VOC's. I did NOT want to sand it down (especially in my home) so I decided to try latex paint and primer in one by Behr, almost no smell while painting, and NO smell when it dries! It worked Great, It's been 6 weeks since I did it, and I LOVE it!!!
 I used satin latex paint from Behr, in the same color as my trim. I did NOT sand or pretreat the wood before painting! I used a foam brush to do the smaller areas, and a SMALL FOAM roller for the larger areas!
 Please don't mind the black blanket on the bench! This was coat 3, one more to go!
 The reason I haven't done this yet is mainly because you have to take the keys out, etc... to paint the strip around them. Well.... I just decided to leave mine the original stain, DUH!!! WAY easier, less overwhelming, and no one sees it if you keep the lid shut!
 I decided to distress it because my kids are going to anyways! ;) Wait a couple of weeks to let your paint cure before sanding! Until it cures the paint will scrape right off (believe me) I waited 3 weeks after finding that out, and had a hard time getting any paint to sand off!

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 Here she is all done! It went from the ugliest thing in my house to one of my FAVORITE pieces! I LOVE it, and wish I would have done it years ago!!!! I thought it was going to be a lot harder than it actually was! I LOVE colored pianos, mustard yellow, aqua, soooo cute and fun! What can you do with yours????


  1. I would have never dared do that...It looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! So a question would it work on a kitchen table??? It is currently brown stain, like your piano was and I want it black. It will have more kids contact then a piano might and I am nervous it will scratch off with out being sanded and primed. Thanks for your help and being the first one to take the plunge.

  2. Mandy, I would definitely sand the table down, it will get a lot more wear and tear than a piano! My last table I did, I just sanded everything I could with a disc sander, then the rest by hand, and painted it, then did a coat of clear poly on everything (3 coats on the top, sanded once between coat 2 and 3! DO IT!!!

  3. How much time did you wait between coats? Did you use any top coat? Sealer, laquer or clear coat of any kind?