Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chandelier project!!!

We found these gorgeous chandeliers at an estate sell after looking for months!!! SCORE! We got right to work on them! We each had a different vision, here's what we did!
 Amanda's Before pix! (pretty, but the gold HAD to GO!)

 I took mine apart, and removed all the crystals!
 Spray painted it!!!

 Then I brushed on some of the teal metallic paint used in my mirror redo (I can't find teal spray paint, so I got as close to the color as I could, and added the teal over to make it the right hue!) Then I put it all back together, and..... Vwala!
 I got her hung up! I think it needs to come down about a foot, so I need to get some chain painted, and add it on! I figured you have all waited long enough to see it up, so I just went ahead and posted anyways! You get the idea right!!??

 I LOVE it, and think it adds color, bling and style to my space!


  1. I'm obsessed! love all the color contrast!!

  2. This was my parents chandelier and it is absolutely beautiful now but really outdated the way it was. Wow, I want it back now that you have done all of the work. You both are so darn talented. Good for you, keep it up, I love looking at what you do.