Monday, August 6, 2012

4th of July PARTAY!

Well now that its been a month since the actual event, i guess we will post it!
Better late than never right?!?

So! We live pretty close to where they let off the fireworks in our little town.
Last year we decided we might as well just have everyone over to our house,
and just watch the fireworks from here rather than have to go down and 
fight the crowds, cigarette smoke, and parking wars!

So this, year i was REALLY REALLY hoping to have a backyard to party in,
 rather than the ghetto front yard... But we chose to do our kitchen instead (post to come soon!)
I had big plans for the party if it were to be in the backyard, but unfortunately it wasn't.

We just had some family over for a little BBQ before the fireworks started. 

So we improvised with just a little set up--

(I forgot to photograph the table after everyones delicious salads got put on!)

I made this rag banner just out of strips of fabric and then tied them to some jute.

Treat bags for during the show!!

I made these cupcakes but the frosting top did NOT turn out like i wanted, and i frankly just ran out of time! SO! thats to bad! they were still delicious! 

And there ya have it! 
Nothing to fancy, but something for a little front yard family BBQ! 

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