Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thrift store Mirrors + a chandelier= FUN!

 I bought 2 of these mirrors at a thrift store for $4 a piece!!!!
 Spray painted them.... (don't be alarmed when you spray a high gloss wood like this and you get these bubbles that won't take paint, when you distress it, it makes it look extra good!)

 sanded and distressed!

 (sorry about the crappy lighting)

Here they are in my daughter's room, I just need to update the picture in the middle of them, and make the photo a bit larger! Love the mirrors! (I also found this chandelier for $5 the same day, and refinished it with the same spray paint! (it was gold) then I hooked some of my left over chandelier crystals on it to add some bling, and hung it above her tea party table (which I also bought at a thrift store the next week, I will post it as soon as I get pics!)

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  1. Ever since you posted the first mirror you refurbished I've been looking for one at the DI and there never are any! And then you find two more great ones!? Guess my search will continue on. Your daughter's room is every little girl's dream.