Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Monogramed Wreaths!!!

Okay, so I started with a wooden L (from shopko) That was the size I wanted, and spray painted it yellow (so the brown wouldn't show through the yarn. Then I wrapped it in yarn (securing it with hot glue).

Next I got a dollar store pool noodle, and cut about a foot off with a kitchen knife (it cuts so easily) And duck taped it together.

 I cut the legs off some of my daughter's tights right at the crotch, and then snipped the toe off.... Here is where I realized I would have to untape my noodle to slip the tights on...whoops! I put both legs of tights on the noodle, and re-taped it. ;)

 Here's a back view of the "feet" on the back of my wreath...(even has a no slip rubber grip LOL!)
I made a second smaller ring, slipped the tights on it, and wedged it inside (I wanted a larger wreath, not a wimpy one) Then I cut strips of burlap and tied the two rings together at the top.
 I glued the L on first, and then made an assortment of felt/fabric flowers, and glued them on. (I also added a burlap flower to tie the bow on top in)


  1. I love this. Thanks for the tutorial. I am going to make one this summer! :)

  2. yay i loved so much...i'll do it beut i want to know how you did these flowers? are amazing