Sunday, March 18, 2012

{Jacey} Headboard MAKEOVER!

SO- Our room has been under a re-model since LAST SPRING.
As in Spring of 2011. 
AKA almost ONE year.
Welcome to projects at the Jordan Home.
Uh hum.. especially since SOMEONE thinks its neat to start right up on the next project before the first one is done. whoops.
what can i say?? i like to keep myself busy! :)

So i just need a few more finishing touches and i will share the WHOLE room makeover with you!

On to our NEW headboard---
first things first...
remember how i have a tiny 100 year old home??
oh yeah, well i do. and i love it.
SO- sometimes you have to get creative with furniture!

I used to think it was neat to get a big ol' 6 piece bedroom set,
ya know with a dresser, a chest of drawers, night stands, headboard and footboard, etc etc etc. 
I was really disappointed 3 years ago when we got our house and i was going to be unable to get a "set" due to our space.
Umm... pretty much im SO glad we didnt! 
I dont care how big your space is, 
all that big bulky furniture is just TO MUCH!
Plus, it limits your ability to be creative 
and make your space unique!

Anyway- To the project.
We've never had anything except a mattress and frame for our bed.
Since we've lived here i have been trying to figure out a way to jazz up the bed SOMEWAY so it just didnt look like a frumpy old bed sitting in the corner.
(OHH! Another perk of our small house! Our bed has to be up against one wall. Honestly, the biggest annoyance/nuisance EVER! Do you know how hard it is to make a KING size bed up against a wall every morning?!?! Hard. Trust ME!)

This is what our bed looked like BEFORE with NO headboard.
(Sorry, this is a pic off my instagram, its the only one i had of it without!!)

Ugh...can you say BORING!?!?
I went back and forth between ideas for MONTHS and MONTHS
of what to do about the situation.
I finally settled on the simplest of all my different ideas.
We have all seen old doors used for headboards on pinterest.
SUCH a cute and simple, easy idea!

Here is the door before.
I spray painted it with a mustard yellow color.
Just one coat.
 I still wanted it to look old so i didn't want to lay it on to thick, especially since it was a gloss paint 
and i definitely did NOT want it glossy!

After painting and curing for a few days 
i sanded her down really good. 
A) to distress it of course,
and B) to get any sharp edges off 
seeing as we'd be resting our heads by this every night!

We hung it on the wall using L Brackets.
We used four along the top, and four along the bottom.
These old doors are HEAVY!
Much heavier than doors these days!

And easy as that-- A whole new look! 
Thanks to my cute husband and brother for hanging her for me!

What do you think?!?

Give me til April and i will show you the whole room!
It's all coming together quite nicely! :)


  1. i have a love/hate relationship towards you.... i love all your cute stuff, but hate how crafty and cute you can make it!!

  2. Some day, when I get all grown up, I'm going to want to crafty and fun things. :o) It's good that I know so many people who can do stuff like that! Cute idea :o)