Thursday, February 23, 2012

{ Jacey } Stripe Curtain

Okay SO... This project, i'm not gonna lie...
Not the funnest! OR the easiest! 
BUT, that being said, i am pretty pleased with the turnout of them, even if i did shed many tears in the process :) 

So i wanted striped curtains in my living, 
HORIZONTAL stripes to be exact. 
I couldnt find any anywhere. Any stripe i did find was either vertical, wrong color, not chunky enough, or cost an arm and a leg!
Though, looking back now, i would pay any price to not have to go through the grief i did of making my own! 
But you know our motto, "DIY til we DIE!" 
...and sometimes were not kidding!

I got two white curtain panels from target and one black twin sheet.
I cut... Well TORE four 8" black stripes out of the black sheet.

(*Note: Its MUCH EASIER to get a straight line by tearing cotton fabrics rather than cutting :) especially LONG pieces such as a sheet!)

I pinned them in place where i wanted them giving me 8" white stripes as well. the fun part (NOT!)
you would think sewing a straight line would be easy right?? 
WRONG! not when your trying to shove a 8 foot curtain through a sewing machine while trying to sew that said straight line. 
ALSO, to keep it flat and you sew each side. 

If any of you are to do this, or if i were to again, i would get myself some of that spray on fabric glue stuff, spray it on where i wanted my stripe to lay, THEN sew around it. 
It would of made it MUCH easier! 

I may or may not have thrown myself on the ground kicking and screaming at WHY IN THE H i would ever do a project like this?!?!
It took about 6 hours and by the last stripe, i frankly did not give a flying rats butt what it looked like! 

Anyhow, im so glad they are done and i think it turned out cute!

i added two black panels to the inside of the strip curtain to give it a bold look.

once again i only have my flipping 50mm
(GREAT for photography, AWFUL for house shots!)
so this is the best you get! :)

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  1. Jacey I LOVE these and want them. Make them for me? :) haha. Good job. Super cute!