Friday, January 6, 2012

{AMANDA} Miss K's Night Owl Pajama Party!

Here is the Birthday cake!  I frosted it like normal, then put the fondant on each layer. After the fondant layer was on I put the top layer (white) on top of the bottom one (blue), and decorated it! I hate fondant, but.... I tried this marshmallow fondant, and it was pretty good, but mostly soooooo easy and fun! It has 3 ingredients!
  Here is the recipe: 

  • one 16oz bag mini marshmallows
  • 3 Tablespoons water
  • one 2lb bag of powdered sugar. 
(you can add any flovored extracts or cocoa powder if you like)  Put the mallows in a microwave safe bowl, add the water, and microwave for 2 min. Stir the mallows making sure they are all melted, (add your flavoring if you wish), and powdered sugar, Knead dough on powdered sugar surface, and keep adding powdered sugar to make the dough less sticky and more workable. Allow your fondant to set up overnight covered in plastic wrap on the counter. Before you use microwave for 30sec. and knead till smooth and pliable!

I put a twin bed skirt on my table, and a table cloth and pillow, and a fabric runner down the middle. I made the headboard out of white cardboard. 
I tied ribbons on all the pop and water, with a straw attached!
Here is my Birthday Girl! All the girls wore PJ's, we had pizza, ate cake, and watched a movie!
 I used cookie cutters for the flowers, and just rolled up little balls of the fondant for the bottom,  and tied a ribbon around the top layer!
 Here is my little owl! It is formed around a styrofoam ball! I just colored the fondant different colors, and got everything cut out and put together. The feet are stars, I used a knife/pizza roller for the triangles that made up the feathers and some play doh/cookie cutters to cut out the eye circles, for the smallest circle I used a chap stick lid.... LOL! Had to get creative! before you stick the owl on your cake, shove a toothpick up it's bum, and then some frosting under the feet, and it will stay on great!
 This was the friend cupcake cake, it was sooo easy to make, it is just 14 cup cakes, 4 white and 10 green. I put coconut in a baggie with a couple drops of green food coloring, and sprinkled that on the belly, the brown dots are mini chocolate chips, I cut circus peanuts for the beak and feet, pretzel rods for the branches, chocolate cookies cut in half for the wings, ears, and eyes. I also used peach rings, and hershey's drops for the eyes! It really was so easy and quick to make!
 This one was a bit time consuming to make, but fun... we hid stars all over the house with numbers on them, and the girl went on a star search, they each got to choose an owl in the order of their numbers! The girls were thrilled!!! Maybe we could do a tutorial on how I made these if people are interested.
We played pin the beak on the owl.... I just drew and colored an owl onto foam poster board, and cut out beaks! I got lots of my ideas from! ;) Happy party planning!


  1. Happy to know about these cute cookies and cake ideas. Will try making these appealing shapes and colorful ones. Was impressed seeing such an attractive decoration and location at one of the beautiful San Francisco event venues booked for our friend's wedding few weeks back. Must say her brother's choice is praiseworthy in all aspects.

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