Friday, January 6, 2012

Lamp Revamp!!

Anyone else have a bunch of plain ugly lamp shades at their house?? Well, we do!! 
Have you seen the price tags on lamps lately.... 
$80.00, $100.00, etc..... YIKES!!!! 
Well, we decided to take matters into our own hands and get to work on some lamp shade makeover ideas! Here are some that we came up with! We hope they inspire you to to give your lamps an easy/cheap makeover!!!

Also, before we get started, here is a little disclaimer...
You will notice our pictures look very similar..
YES, we have the same bedding, sheets, pillows, and color schemes in our rooms! We are BEST FRIENDS and thats what best friends do right?!?! Don't judge us :)
We have pretty much the exact same style, and you will notice in future posts, our bedrooms arent the only twinners in our homes :)

 You can get coffee filters at the dollar store! You can either do white (bleached), or the tan (natural), you could even use cupcake liners if you wanted colors!!!

You can get cheap $6 lamp shades at walmart if you need two that match. (It doesn't matter what color they are.)

 You fold the filter up like so....

 Till it looks like this! I crinkle a bunch and make a pile, then just glue them on! It goes really fast!

 I even think it would be cute to just do around the bottom for a little girls room or something!
 Here is a view of what the top edge looks like when it's done (the inside of the shade crinkles and melts a bit because of the hot glue.

 Here they are all done! The filters add a good 3 inches of width to each side, so keep that in mind! ;)

SO i had this darling lamp from my bedroom before, BUT it was brown and that just wasnt going to match with my grey and mustard room! I am still in love with the base of the lamp and the shape of the shade so i didnt want to just get rid of it. Its a hard shape of shade to find! I'm going for a vintage-y look in my bedroom so i decided ivory rolled rose would be perfect to cover it in!

Here is a little tutorial on how to make rolled roses...

I used felt for this project but you can use anything from cotton to ribbon, to polyester for these! 

First, Cut your strips of fabric.
I cut mine all different lengths because i wanted different sizes for my lamp.

Starting it is a bit tricky...
You need to fold your strip in half and kind of fold it over and then start twisting and rolling... make sense?? its kind of tricky at first!
here is a little tip too, when making rolled rose, squish down the middle as you roll. Otherwise, you will end up with TALL flower rather that a flat one!

 As im rolling, i hot glue every couple of inches to secure the roll.

and wah-lah!
a rolled rose folks!

i covered the top and bottom lip of the shade with a piece of felt so non of the brown would show through seeing as it would be next to impossible to get a crisp line across the top and bottom!

after rolling nearly a BILLION roses, 
Here was the finished product!!
i was pretty please with the turn out!
This lamp shade took me WAY longer than anticipated!!
I put AT LEASE 18 hours in to this. it takes a LONG time to roll each rose and then get them all placed. i nearly used a full yard of felt too! I was NOT expecting it to take THAT long, so if you decide to do this, pick a small shade to cover! :)

I also decided to add a sash around the center, just to give it a little more PIZAZZ!!

Right after i glued it on i wasnt sure i really liked it?!?!
But it has grown on me and i think it added just a little cuter touch to go with the "feel" of my bedroom im hoping for!

(I promise the gray ruffle isnt really crooked like it looks in this pic!)

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