Thursday, January 24, 2013

Coconut chocolate chip cookies!

Remember as with any cookies, to use fresh ingredients, especially fresh butter (I hate fridge taste in any of my cookies) and, remember to NEVER grease your cookie sheet, unless of course you like flat, crispy, thin as paper cookies. I like mine fluffy and soft! Happy baking!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hair clip organizer!

Okay, we have way to many hair clips around here (somehow I find myself wanting more ;)) So I had to come up with a place for all of them! I started with a foam poster board from walmart.
 I covered it in some fabric I had laying around!
 I just hot glued it on the back around the edges!
 I tacked it down with a stapler too, but the hot glue seemed to be holding just fine by itself.
 Then I ran some ribbon vertically, only gluing it down on the very back (don't glue it down on the front, or you won't be able to clip your clip to it! I glued some ribbon horizontally across the top and bottom for looks, and to make it extra secure. I made a loop at the top to hang it from.
 I has a LOT of polka dots! It could have been cuter, but I just used stuff I had laying around, so I didn't have many options!

And here it is with all her clips fastened to it! You can hang it from a hook on the back of your bathroom door or closet! :)

Making doll clothes for $3 an outfit!

Ok, I am really NOT a great seamstress, if I can make this anyone can! I was TERRIBLE at taking pics of this project! I bought my daughter this tank for bed (she loves owls) and grabbed and extra in a size 16 (they cost the same, but you get LOTS more fabric) I layed the tank out, and set her doll's tank top, shirt, and pants on top. I traced around them with pen, making sure I traced it a little bigger to allow room for a seam. 
 Here is the tank all done, I just cut off the pink elastic for the straps and trim, no, it's not perfect, but my daughter is thrilled! For the pants, I lined them up with the bottom of the tank so I could the hem as the bottom of my pants (less sewing) I seriously just sewed the sides, and put an elastic in the waist!

Then I made a shirt with one button, didn't want to mess with a button hole on knit fabric (knit is a disaster to sew anyway) so I just make a loop with embroidery floss. and I had a bit of pink elastic left over, so I cut out some pink felt, hot glued the knit owl fabric on top, and then sewed the elastic on each side to make a sleep mask (my daughter also wears one, so I thought she would think it was fun to have one for her doll too!) It's not perfect, but she loves it, and can match her doll, and it only cost me $3, and 30 min! :)

Flocking your own artificial tree!

Okay, so this year I had a real dilema. NONE of the colors/decor in my main family room/kitchen/dining area matched traditional Christmas colors, and would NOT look good with a forest green tree... Soooo I bought a skinny inexpensive tree that would fit my space, with plans to flock it myself. Instead of heavy flocking spray (which I actually couldn't even find) I found this sno blower spray at Hobby Lobby. It says it is not for heavy flocking, but to "dust" artificial pine in white, I bought 3 cans, and got to work!
I sprayed the bottom level first, then put the middle on, and sprayed it, then the top, and let it dry for an hour before bringing it in. (I am funny about things that smell toxic, or have an odor, and this stuff is non toxic, and really doesn't smell other than a faint smell of soap once it's dry, and only if you stick your nose right on it) :)
 Here it is all decorated to match my decor... (sorry these pics look weird, and blurry, it's better if you click on them, I don't know why blogger does this to some pics)

 If you look at these closeups, you can see that it is dusted white, and not necessarily "flocked", but it changed the color enough to match and not be forest green, so I was happy with it!

 I also dusted some pine picks so they would match!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Easy Christmas mesh wreaths!

Okay, so you start with a wire hanger, pull it open to form a circle, and bend the hook over on top. Next we added 6 equally spaced pipe cleaners, (it only shows 5 on mine, I hadn't realized it needed 6 yet)
Okay, so now you add the mesh, we used the wider kind, but I'm sure it doesn't matter! Just twist the wire pipe cleaners around equal bubbled sections.

 Here is the point where I started laughing hysterically, and bawling (see below). So yes, It's butt ugly... after you wrap it around a second time it looks much better! (I just used more pipe cleaners and fastened it down where it needed it) Then I also pulled the bubbles together over the pipe cleaners and hot glued each side together. Then I quit bawling and realized it might be turning out after all!
 My sister in Law Lindsay came to craft with Jacey and me, here are our 3 wreaths! Lindsay's, mine, and Jacey's! We used letters from hobby lobby and glittered them, same with the ho ho ho. We shared packages of ornaments and each got whatever picks we wanted in our wreaths! I wove a bit of wired ribbon in mine as well. We tied ribbon at the top to hang our wreaths.
 Here is my wreath on my front door, I like it!!!
 And here is Jacey's on her front door!
So fun!!!! We got all our supplies at hobby lobby. There are so many color combos you could do with this kind of wreath for any holiday, you could even do a more natural wreath with burlap instead of the mesh! Thanks for stopping by! Keep checking back for more holiday projects!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall porch

 I got this owl from DIY Woodcrafts in Tremonton, and painted it to match my porch. My favorite part is his sparkly belly!
 Made a few new pillows, and put a few things on my table!

Monday, August 6, 2012

{Jacey's} Earring Organizer!

I have been needing a way to display/organize my earrings for awhile now!
This is what ive been working with....
3 drawers of this! What a complete NIGHTMARE to try and find a match!

I found some on pinterest i liked, but a lot of them i saw didnt have a holder for studs AND dangly earrings. They were either one or the other, So i just put both into one.

I bought an 11x14 open back frame from hobby lobby ($15)
Picked out some fabric, and got some foam.
I already had some chicken wire from past projects, 
and then just found a piece of scrap wood and got out the staple gun!

i measured out the foam and board to the size i wanted. 
layed the foam on top of the board and wrapped the fabric very tightly around both pieces.
(sorry i forgot to photograph this part!)

i then stapled the chicken wire to the back as well.
i also added some hot glue to the back of the chicken wire part just for reinforcement. 

And here she is!!