Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spray Painted Flowers.. WHA?!??!

Have you all seen these "purple ball flowers" as i like to call them. 
I guess their technical name is Alliums.

The are one of my FAVORITE spring time flowers!
Unfortunately mine have already came and gone, and are now looking like this....

Getting sadder and sadder by the day.
These two are the best looking ones.
But i decided it was time to cut them all down and 
get ready to plant my new summer flowers anyways!

After cutting them i decided they are still pretty cool looking
and maybe i could just put some in a vase or something?

Then i decided, it might be even cuter to spray paint them!
So i did.

And here my friends, is what they look like after!

Pretty cute eh??
You could do them any color and come up with some
pretty darling little assortments!
How fun for centerpieces for parties, 
or a cute little Mother's Day bouquet!
A little twist on "hand picked" flowers for Mom!

I dont know how long they will last,
but for now they are going to look so cute on my kitchen table.


  1. I have an aunt who used to paint these red, white, & blue every year. I always loved to see them!

  2. Let us know how they lasted :)