Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Porch makeover! From way and FAB!!!!

 Just like the rest of my house used to be... neutral with no color! 
So BORING and Un-inviting right??!
 $6 lantern from shopko (spray painted yellow)

My door was a very boring tan (just like the molding) and didn't pop at all, it was so blah and ugly! I painted it black with exterior paint and a foam roller brush, I LOVE it and wish I would have painted it LONG ago! (notice my wreath and mat from past posts)

 Now, this is the same ugly tan cheap plastic bench, I spray painted it and the other chair shown here! I also spray painted the 3 pots that I already had laying around the garage (they were all terra cotta rust colored) The table was given to me and was used in my daughters room until she got a new one from DI, so I decided to use this one on my porch!

 The table has a circular piece of burlap on it (to tie in with my wreath) a clear 50 cent vase with sticks pruned from my Mom's trees, a potted plant, a dollar store candle and glass votive, and a dollar store mirror frame that I sprayed white! The pillows are sewn slip covers (so I can swap them out for fall).
 Now this porch finally says Welcome to my home! ;)


When thinking how i wanted to do my porch, all i knew was i wanted it BRIGHT & FUN.
Not Really any color limitations, just anything colorful!

This pot used to be a dark tealish/gray color
that i just spray painted aqua!

I knew i wanted a monogrammed wreath,
but i was sick of your regular circle wreaths!
I Just took a picture frame i had lying around, made some rolled roses out of the fabric i used for my pillows, and added a J that i spray painted fuchsia.
 Simple. Easy. Different.

Chandelier anyone?
Strange for a front porch??
I love it!! I think it adds just the right feel i was going for!

OH how i love my porch swing!
And now even more with these pillows!

We are now ready to welcome summer!!
How have you spruced up your front porches?!?!
We'd love to see & do some guest posts on what you've come up with!


  1. I love how both of you worked to give your front door a new shade. You also did a great job in popping all those colors for your front porch. If you want to make those bright and colorful furniture blend with one another, the technique is to have them against off-white or black background. Great job for the both of you!

    Leif Clancy

  2. how about some directions on how to paint the plastic furniture... what is the process so it does not peal off?

  3. Love the idea of a pourch chandelier .
    I'm diffently doing this for my patio. Add, a Dollar Tree battery tap lightlight , this way a little bit of light for those candle lit dinners.

  4. What kind of spray paint did you use? Did you do any prepping or use any type of sealant to weatherize it all?