Thursday, February 23, 2012

{ Jacey } Chandelier

I'm so excited to have this project done!
When we finally found these chandeliers we couldn't decide for sure on what colors to do them. I was going back and forth between dark purple and black and Amanda between the teal and black.

I decided on doing mine black so then when i get sick of my living room colors now, (which we all know i will all to soon!) I wouldn't have to re-do it again!  

So here it is BEFORE:
Your regular ol' Grandma's House Brass Chandelier.

I used a Gloss Black Spray Paint because i still wanted it to have a shine like the brass/crystal does.

It took about a can and a half to cover it completely. (about 4 coats!)

DISCLAIMER: Ugh...So these pictures kind of suck due to me only having my 50mm lens available at the moment :) 

So i am very sorry. 

I am really loving it in this space. It gives my entry way such a chic feel! We were going to hook it up so i could actually use it as a light but then i changed my mind due to the fact that i want to be able to pull it down at any given time to use as a prop for my photoshoots! 
DOUBLE LOVE! A prop AND house decor! 
The best kind of decor! :)

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  1. Wow, what a change, these used to be in my Moms house. I am glad you have them and can enjoy the difference it made in the chandelier.