Monday, August 6, 2012

Boston's HUNTING B-day parties!!!

My cute Boston turned 5 (I can't believe it!), and had 2 parties this year!! One for friends at our house, and an overnight camp out with family!
Here's the invite (I obviously altered it for the friend party, but it looked the same)...

 We had s'mores, trail mix, chips, pudding and capri suns for all his friends!

 We filled the party hats with granola bars, reeses pieces and peanut butter cups, stickers, etc... For his friends to take home as a party favor!

 We filled the tent with presents, and used an orange camping chair for the birthday boy to open his gifts in! We had targets and decoys around the yard and let the kids go "hunting" and shoot at them! They had a blast!
 Obviously we went to a camp ground for this party! It was my Birthday boys wish, and since it was an easy wish to grant, I of course jumped right on it! ;)

 We had all kinds of "hunting" food, granola bars, reeses, trail mix, etc...

 Cream soda and rood beer of course!

 The S'MORES station! (Yes, they all had lids on them, but I accidently broke one.. oops!) Have you ever tried a s'mores with a reeses peanut butter cup??? I highly recommend it! YUM!!!
 We of course had to bring the deer decoy for him to "shoot" at with his play rifle, he was THRILLED!
 Hot dogs for dinner!!!
 AND..... he got a real bow and arrow from Mom, and mostly Dad!! ;) He thought he was the neatest hunter EVER! He said it was the best party ever,  we all had so much fun!

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  1. OMGosh I can't not comment on this. This is adorable!!!!!!