Thursday, June 21, 2012

Anthropologie "knock off" curtains from bed sheets!

 Start out by cutting your strips (mine are 5 inches wide) (I used a queen flat sheet, it's a great inexpensive way to get a large quantity of fabric) I just cut little inch long snips, and ripped the fabric into strips because I wanted that frayed edge!
 Here's what is looks like as you are ripping!
 You can either iron the pleats into the strips like this, then sew down the middle (takes forever) or you can use a pleater foot! I just took the guard off mine so I could pleat down the middle instead of just on the side.

 This is what the pleats look like out the back of my machine!
I used this walmart brand flat sheet (they are like $4) for the curtain itself, (and a queen flat sheet is what I used to cut the strips from to make the ruffles, same brand)

I used a seam ripper to open the end of the seam on the casing (at each end of the top of the sheet) to make a place for my curtain rod to go through

 I just leave it ripped open like this, and keep it folded in, once hung on the curtain rod it pulls straight and looks great!
 One more view of the casing for the rod
 This is the bottom of the sheet, I measured how long it was from my rod to the floor, then I added 4 inches for a seam allowance! 
 I ironed over 1 inch

 Then I ironed over 3 inches (remember the edges are already seamed)
 And sewed a seam at the top of my ironed fold!
 Bottom all done! I ironed my ruffles to make them look more ruffled and pleated!

 Lay it out on your curtain (sheet) after the bottom is hemmed and pin your ruffles into place space evenly! I made 2 curtains, one is a twin sheet that I sewed 2 ruffles on, the other is a full with 3 ruffles)
 Just remember to stop your ruffles at the casing, if you sew through it you won't be able to slide your curtain rod through! ;) (don't ask how I know that!) LOL

 Sew your ruffles onto your curtain!
 I ironed over it again and kinda scrunched the ruffles a bit to make it look more anthro!

And...... here they are in my home! Sooooo cheap, and easy!!! They cost me less than $20, not bad for 2 curtains, especially considering the anthropologie ones are like $200 for one panel! ;)


  1. Wow, those are awesome! I wish I was better at sewing (I have a machine just haven't used it), because those would be so cute anywhere in my house! Love them. :)

  2. Wow, this is so awesome and cheap! I need to make a set of curtains for one of the bedrooms before we list it for sale. Thank you so very much. I am of the firm belief, the good Lord puts people in your life when you need them, not when you want them. You have just saved me so much when $ really counts. Thank you for your tutorial. I also thank *Infarrantly Creative* for posting your link on FB.

  3. What?! These are so cute! This might be a silly question but once you ruffled the sheet did you find that it was too short to run the whole length of the curtain? Did you have to use two to make a long row?

  4. Wow! Great idea. Wonder if it would work with painters drop not know costs or sizes of them. We are losing our sweet home due to illness and having to rent an apartment. It has been almost 50 years since we had to do that. I am hoping that I can do something on this order with the sheets or other, in an apartment setting. It is so sad to not have pieces of home and this would be good therapy and make my shabby chic things feel at home.

  5. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for this tutorial :)

  6. Would you mind sharing what kind of rufffler foot you used? I am trying to find one that you can remove the guard on so that I can sew down the middle of something. The one I have now does not have that capability. Thanks!

    1. I know that she may have not responded to you, but I figured it out. The bottom guard is screwed into the side of the ruffler foot. Simply remove the screw and slide the back hook off and use it. After done, rescrew back in. (It's not "made" to be removed, but it won't harm your machine to remove it for this project and screw it back in.) Of course, without the guard, you have to sew more carefully since it won't automatically sew a straight line. I just wish I knew which ruffler settings she used. I'm guessing a 6 stitch and 4 pleat.

  7. So here I am on pinterest clicking away when I see some fantastic bedding. Still clicking and see some darling curtains....and then scrolling and there is YOUR cute face!!! What a pleasant surprise! Miss you:)

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