Thursday, March 15, 2012

Amanda's Family Room! (sorry about the late post, the stomach bug found our house today! YUCK!)

 Okay, soooo I have been working on re-doing my main living area for a few weeks! Today I will share with you how I did my striped wall! It started out TAN.
 I painted it grey, after it had dried for 24 hours, I masked off my stripes with "FROGGY" tape (it makes the best crisp lines! Well worth it! I measured my wall, and divided it until I got a whole number so that my stripes were each 16", and not 15.53, etc... Which gave me 6 stripes! I wanted them to be BIG, so it was not too busy, and subtle, not too bold.
 Here it is all taped off!
 Terrible picture, but it's the only one I took right after I took the tape off! Sorry! And my white balance was on the warm side, so it looks kind of tan, it's very grey in real life! LOL!

                     SOOOOOOOOO Here it is BEFORE...........

 YUCK! Pains me to see these old pics, I was SO SICK of this stuff!
 AND.............. AFTER! AHHHHH, what a change huh!?!!!! 
 I need to paint my couch legs ASAP! And.... HONEY, I would like some hard wood instead of this hideous carpet :) Pretty Please!

I will be making a subway art for the empty frame one of these days! 

 Paint: BEHR, Elephant skin and Suede Grey
Couch: Ikea
Chairs: (Cadman teal floral) Pier one
Dresser: DI
Wall Frames: DI
Letters: Hobby Lobby
Shelves: got them a long time ago
Vase: DI, Peacock feathers are from Hobby Lobby
Curtains: $5 flat sheet from walmart with ruffles sewn on! (I wanted the Anthropologie ones but they are sooo pricey, so I made my own!) (I will post the tutorial on them soon!)

Now, Here is the Fireplace before and after.....
 I could BARF at that tan! EWWWWWW!!!!!!

 The fireplace is painted with Behr, "sueded grey", with "cracked pepper" glazed over top. The black far wall is cracked pepper as well, and I have one of my anthro knock off curtains on the right side of that window as well!

Chandelier: $75 @ an estate sell
White chest: $10 @ DI
Mirror: $3 DI
Candle's and Candle Sticks: Ikea (cheap)
And there you have it folks, my family room makeover!


  1. I love it & all the colors. I'm loving grey right now & want to paint my whole house

  2. Hahaha! Me too! I still need to do my hall and down the stairs! And my Banister needs to be painted white! AHHHH!!! Thanks!

  3. LOVE THIS!! Will you please come and do my whole house?! :)

  4. Do you all live in Brigham or close? I have a favor!!